This is the future of Dynamics GP.

We believe GP users deserve an easy and stress free experience with access to support 24/7/365.

Where innovation meets familiarity.

We created GP365 for existing GP users and the evolving business needs they face everyday. Cloud-based, standard pricing and 24/7 tech support

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Where your smart ERP investment gets even smarter. 

Cloud-based, standard pricing and 24/7 tech support so you can set your budget with confidence and get hours back in your week.

What is GP365?

GP365 is a full featured version of Microsoft Dynamics GP that can be accessed anywhere, anytime and at a fixed price. Your system is hosted and load-balanced across Microsoft Azure to provide you with enterprise level compliance and security.

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Why Use GP365?

Protect your GP investment, develop IT budgets with confidence and rely on modern functionality to gain the business insights you need. We built GP365 to provide the most flexible, scalable and up to date version of what GP users have come to rely on.

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GP with a fixed cost? Yes, it’s real and we built it for you.

See how GP365 can reduce your IT costs and help to simplify your growth.

The next step for over 10,000 businesses using GP across North America.

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