How To Add Voucher Notes to Mekorma Cheque Format


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Mekorma Payment Hub provides some well-designed cheque formats. By default, these out of box cheque formats have Transaction Description added to the cheque stub. Recently, we have received a request to print out Voucher Notes on the cheque stub.


How To:

In Mekorma module – Setup – Purchasing – Checkbook Setup – select the Checkbook you need to configure the cheque stub – In Mekorma Checkbook Setup window

  1. Click on Additional Features
  2. Check Voucher Notes
  3. Click on Options
  4. Modify Character limits you need to print on cheque stub, by default it is set to 30
  5. Click Ok to save changes


This is how the cheque stub looks like as shown in the screenshot. Voucher Notes is displayed in the 2nd line.



The first line in the below sample is blank as it should print out transaction description, if the invoice description is blank, the check stub will print out an empty line. This is by design as per Mekorma. If you only need Voucher Notes and not transaction description, it can be customized. Reach out to your partner or we can put you in contact with a partner in our network to discuss your options.


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