Welcome to the GP365 Blog! If you currently use GP and work in either the IT or Finance department of your company, this blog is for you. Our resource section is full of articles written for GP users.

We launched the GP365 blog to bring you a combination of industry news and top tips that will help you get the most from your GP system. We’ll be posting relevant industry content four times per month, so be sure to subscribe via email to stay up-to-date! You can sign up right here. Our blogs will focus on a variety of topics that have the same look and feel as our webinars. Our team will cover industry updates and product development as we continue to improve the customer experience of GP365. If you’ve previously attended one of our webinars, you can expect the same level of detail and expertise in the pages of our blog. Dynamics GP has a long history and is used by thousands of businesses across the world – making it an essential tool for many organizations. With over two decades of experience using, managing, and fixing GP systems, our team is excited to bring you a refreshingly direct resource for education.

Who is GP365, and what do we do?

GP365 is the first-ever cloud-based version of Dynamics GP. This SaaS model of GP includes free upgrades, additional functionality, and fixed pricing. Helping to ensure you meet your business needs today and in the future. Additionally, GP365 boasts enterprise-level security and compliance. GP365 is hosted and load-balanced across Microsoft Azure to provide the highest level of performance. For too many years, organizations using Dynamics GP have suffered from troubleshooting IT and network issues that interrupt their business. With GP365, you can say goodbye to maintaining physical server equipment and the frustration of using an out-of-date system. GP365 is the solution to these age-old problems, built by GP users with over two decades of experience.

Why do we exist?

It’s simple; we believe that all GP users deserve to use a modern system that provides a stress-free experience. Our team has spent countless hours working with, managing and fixing Dynamics GP related issues that prevent users from fully utilizing their ERP system. While working with each of our clients, we developed the idea of building a version of GP that would avoid many of the most common issues found by GP users. This vision included providing capabilities to solve problems that organizations are currently resolving on an ad hoc basis. GP365 caters to the real challenges faced by the market. Along with leading a wave of innovation for the GP industry. We are committed to staying true to our ‘why’ and giving GP users the stress-free experience they deserve.

Why do we have a blog?

Our team believes that providing a stress-free experience to GP users begins with being a source of knowledge and expertise. Over the last 20 years, we have come across almost every GP problem there is. We believe there is a huge opportunity to share our findings through this blog. Although we’re able to share this expertise through building GP365, we want to share our knowledge for the good of the industry!

With over 10,000 businesses using Dynamics GP on a global scale, we see the potential of a product like GP365. The GP365 blog will serve as one of many conduits to our audience that will allow us to gather feedback on the types of content you find the most valuable, along with showcasing the expertise of GP partners and other GP experts across the industry.

Sneak Peek at What’s Coming Soon on the GP365 Blog!

Through the countless number of conversations, we’ve had with GP users, one of the most exciting topics or series of topics, that have continued to surface is related to the life of Dynamics GP as a system. What makes Dynamics GP so interesting is that it was one of the first pieces of accounting software introduced to the North American market – although it operated under a different name back then!

The industry will continue to shift and embrace this new wave of innovation. We thought a look back at the history of Dynamics GP was a fitting way to mark the beginning of the GP revolution. Here are some of the topics you should expect to see in our upcoming blog posts.:

Rise of Dynamics GP

We are going to take you through a brief history of Dynamics GP. Beginning with Great Plains and ending with the state of the industry as it stands in 2019.

Dynamics GP365 vs. Dynamics 365 Business Central

This debate is a hot topic with many people on both sides of the discussion. We will discuss the pros and cons of each system and some of the different ways you can leverage each option.

The ERP Evolution: On-Premise vs. Cloud

The challenges posed by hosting an on-premise ERP system have been a significant source of frustration for Dynamics GP users. We thought it helpful to develop an overview of the benefits provided by either option. As well as the when, why, and how of implementing an ERP in your organization.

Help us with your feedback!

This blog is for you – the GP users of today. We are always looking for your feedback and questions to help create relevant content. As GP365 continues to develop, our customer feedback loop must continue to evolve at the same pace.

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